We are many voices but one people who together seek to glorify God, to live the love of Christ, and to welcome all into the community of faith.

We believe in the transforming power of God’s reconciling love as revealed in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  We believe that Christ Jesus died for our sins in accordance with scriptures, that he was buried, and that he was raised on the third day and appeared to his followers.  We believe that wherever the gospel of the Risen Lord is shared and embraced by faith that new life is possible.

We are the “mother church” of American Presbyterianism.  It was here at First Church in the early 18th century that the first steps were taken to organize an American church in the Reformed tradition that had emerged from the Protestant Reformation.  From those early efforts eventually emerged the Presbyterian Church (USA), the first General Assembly of which met here in 1789.  Among its distinctive practices were governance by “elders” (“presbyters” in the New Testament) elected by the congregation, and a strong sense of the church as an instrument of reform of both church and society.  These continue to be guiding principles of the Presbyterian Church to this day.

Though steeped in history--three members of this church signed the Declaration of Independence--this is a living, breathing congregation seeking in very real and tangible ways here at the corner of 21st & Walnut to make the grace of God known to the world all around us.

We are active members of the Presbyterian Church (USA), the Presbytery of Philadelphia and the Covenant Network.