What does it mean to “join” a church?
Joining a church means making a conscious decision to become a part of a community that is seeking to live out its faith in Jesus Christ in the world around us.  It means joining together with others who are trying to do the things that we believe Jesus would do if he were here today.  It means working with others with the gifts that each of us possesses in a common effort to make this a better world.    

Why should I become a member of a church?
Anyone can worship here and participate in all of the congregation’s programs whether a member or not.  Becoming a member, though, means deciding to take on the responsibilities of a disciple of Jesus Christ, and joining together with other members in a common witness to the love of God that has been made known to us in Jesus Christ.   Though not impossible, it is very difficult to do that on our own without the support, encouragement, and assistance of fellow church members.     

Does it make sense to join the church if I’m only going to be in Philadelphia for a short time?
God calls us to be where we are at any given time for reasons that we may not yet know.  That does not mean that we cannot contribute to the work of the church in the place that we are right now for however short a time that may be.  Many people who were here only for a few years have contributed significantly to the work of this church, and have gone on from here to be valuable members of churches in other places. 

How do I become a member?
If you are looking for a church home, we would love for you to join our community.  Please speak with one of the pastors of the church for information on becoming a member, and plan on attending one of our “New Member Workshops” that are held several times a year.