A planned gift is one that is formalized in a will, a living trust, a life income plan or other alternative that will release funds sometime in the future.  Except for a bequest, this type of gift carries, generally, immediate favorable tax benefits for the donor.  Planned gifts are an important source of undergirding the future ministries of our church.

The Buttonwood Circle


Shortly after its establishment in 1698, the new congregation of First Presbyterian Church moved into a modest meeting house along High Street (now Market) built in a grove of sycamore (or buttonwood)  trees; that meeting house became known as “Old Buttonwood.”

Over the years many generous members and friends have provided for the future of this church and we have been beneficiaries of their vision.  The Buttonwood Circle has been formed as a means to carry on their vision for the future, and to recognize and honor those who have made a planned gift to the First Presbyterian Church.

For more information, view our Planned Giving Brochure, or contact the Planned Giving Committee.