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University City Hospitality Coalition (UCHC)
The University City Hospitality Coalition (UCHC) provides hot meals to anyone in need on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and during the academic year Sundays, at sites in the University City area. Volunteers to serve meals are needed during the summer and academic breaks, when students are not available.  In addition, First Church sponsors quarterly casserole "blitzes," in which we prepare 30-40 casseroles to be served at UCHC meals.  These typically occur on the first Saturday of February, May, August and November, but check the bulletins for announcements.  Contact missions@fpcphila.com for information.

Habitat/West Philadelphia Repair Initiative (WPRI)
First Church is looking for volunteers to work with Habitat's West Philadelphia Repair Initiative (WPRI), an urban ministry that assists homeowners in West Philadelphia with repairs to their homes.  Work can involve painting, installing sheetrock, windows, flooring, carpentry, etc.  Volunteers do not need any experience.  Contact missions@fpcphila.org for more information.

Urban Tree Connection (UTC)
UTC is a nonprofit organization that engages children and adults from some of Philadelphia’s most disadvantaged neighborhoods in community-based, urban-greening projects. First Church volunteers with UTC several Saturdays a year for 10 am to 1 pm.  For more information contact Bruce Rapsher.

Camp Sojourner Girls' Leadership Camp
Camp Sojourner Girls’ Leadership Camp is a nonprofit leadership program for Philadelphia girls.  Their program focuses on team-building, leadership development, creative arts, and appreciation of nature.  They offer girls the chance to get out of the city for a one-week sleep-away camp experience, and then to get involved in year-round mentoring, service projects, creative arts, and leadership activities.  There are volunteer days at Bartram’s Garden on Saturdays, beginning at 9:30 with a brief orientation followed by a work-day in the garden with the young women in the program.  A lunch follows with a brief educational seminar. Contact Beverly Cowart to volunteer.

Urban Mosaic
Large numbers of unreached peoples are congregating in urban slums around the world.  By 2050, 40% of the world's population will be located in urban slums.  Urban Mosaic in Mexico City is focused on holistically transforming urban poor communities, and First Church is joining with them. [If you would be interested in participating in or contributing to a week-long missions trip to Mexico City in the summer of 2019, please contact the Missions Committee.