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Prayer Labyrinth

On Wednesday, March 13, from 4-7 pm, a prayer labyrinth will be available in Old Buttonwood Hall for you to come and walk the path on your Lenten journey.  The labyrinth, a full-scale replica of the one in Chartres Cathedral in France, on loan to us from Princeton Theological Seminary. 

What Is A Labyrinth?

The Labyrinth is a forty-foot circular sacred path. It is used as a walking meditation to reflect on life and to be a sacred space for creating order in times of chaos.  The Labyrinth has only one path.  There are no tricks or dead ends.  The path winds around until you reach the center.  You return out of the circle the same way you entered it.  The path of the Labyrinth can be a mirror for where we are in our lives.  It can touch our sorrows and release our joys.  It is a tool, a physical metaphor, to guide us in healing, to help deepen our faith and open us to self-understanding.  It is a place where we can silently pray.

We hope you will come participate in the meaningful experience.

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