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Women of Wit & Wisdom

Join us in Old Buttonwood Hall for the screening of the acclaimed documentary “Sisters in Freedom,” which addresses the timely issues of racism, feminism, white supremacy, and gender. It presents a look back almost two hundred years, and gives us the opportunity to see how far, or whether, we have advanced as a society which extends full citizenship to all. It is a fitting introduction to the upcoming 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th amendment to the Constitution next year.

The film’s creative team, History Making Productions describes the film in this way:

“Sisters in Freedom” tells the story for the first time of pioneering black and white women in the 1830s who defy social, economic, and cultural norms to come together to agitate against slavery, white supremacy, and inequality of race and gender. The film reveals how the resistance work of these pioneering women leads directly to the meeting at Seneca Falls and the launch of American feminism. 

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