Stewardship is far more than simply a matter of money.  Stewardship is the faithful use of all our lives, including our time, our talents, and yes, our money.  God blesses us, not so that we can revel in our blessings, but so that we can in turn be a blessing for others.  Our ministry at First Church is possible only because so many people give so generously and faithfully of all these, including their financial gifts to the church.

The biggest source of funding for our ministry is the annual stewardship pledge campaign which provides over 50% of the total amount needed each year to support the church’s ministry.   Your gift matters both because the church needs our tithes and offerings to thrive, and because giving helps each of us grow spiritually!


We are at the beginning of a new ministry with the Rev. Dr. Baron Mullis, and coinciding with this is a momentous decision for our church’s future.  This spring, your congregational leaders made plans to address our most urgent repair and maintenance needs over the next 20 years.  We are now on track to address the most pressing needs of the building, and on November 11, we will have a congregational meeting to vote on financing options for these capital projects. On the one hand, it’s really simple and straightforward: deferring maintenance is virtually never a good idea.  On the other hand, it is a big thing for us to take on, right at the start of a new ministry.  And it does have implications for us that will be significant:  because we need to take on a mortgage to complete these repairs in a timely fashion, we will have to draw from the income the endowment generates to meet the debt service.  Consequently, in order to enjoy the same programmatic life next year, we will need to raise more in our annual stewardship campaign.

Read the 2019 Annual Giving Newsletter.

Why pledge?  

By pledging, we commit our support to Moving First Forward, to the missions and programs that are a vital part of the life of our church and our connection to the community.  Our pledges are also instrumental in the day-to-day life of the church, its ministries and its care.

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How do I give? 

You may give online via these links:

If you prefer not to give online, you may:

  • Make a check out to First Presbyterian Church and mail/deliver it to the Church Office.

  • Use your pledge envelopes for weekly, monthly, or quarterly donations to Annual Stewardship. You may place these in the offering plate or drop off at the Church Office.

  • Give a gift of stock. To do so, please contact Craig Boddorff, the Church Treasurer.