Stewardship is far more than simply a matter of money.  Stewardship is the faithful use of all the gifts that have been entrusted to us by God, including our time, our talents, and yes, our money.  This is both a privilege and a responsibility.  Our ministry at First Church is possible only because so many people give so generously and faithfully of all these, including their financial gifts to the church.

The biggest source of funding for our ministry is the annual stewardship pledge campaign which provides approximately 60% of the total amount needed each year to support the church’s ministry.   Special gifts and income from our endowment provide the remaining 40%.  Each year, our budget is prepared by our Stewardship & Budget Committee with input from all committees and boards, approved by elected church leaders in the Session, and then carefully overseen throughout the year by our Trustees.  Complete financial information is readily available in our Annual Report.


Our theme for Annual Giving as “Moving First Forward” is more relevant than ever as we prepare for the Future at First.  We have a keen eye on sustainability and responsibly managing our assets—our building and our endowment.  The Capital Planning Committee is embarking on the development of a Facilities Assessment and Maintenance Plan which is critical for the long-term future of our building. And our Pastor Nominating Committee is diligently searching for our future pastor to take the reins from Jesse Garner, who will retire next summer after having led First Church well and thoughtfully through the past 16 years.

Read the 2018 Annual Giving Newsletter.
Hear more from our Pastor and First Church Members.

Why pledge?  

By pledging, we commit our support to Moving First Forward, to the missions and programs that are a vital part of the life of our church and our connection to the community.  Our pledges are also instrumental in the day-to-day life of the church, its ministries and its care.

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How do I give? 

You may give online via these links:

If you prefer not to give online, you may:

  • Make a check out to First Presbyterian Church and mail/deliver it to the Church Office.
  • Use your pledge envelopes for weekly, monthly, or quarterly donations to Annual Stewardship. You may place these in the offering plate or drop off at the Church Office.
  • Give a gift of stock. To do so, please contact Craig Boddorff, the Church Treasurer.