June 24, 2018


    Old Buttonwood Hall

    9 am



    11 am


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Congregational Meeting

Sunday, June 24

12 noon


Church Picnic

Sunday, June 24




The Adventures of the Chancel Choir @ Truro Cathedral

The Chancel Choir of First Church served as “choir in residence” at Truro Cathedral in Cornwall, England in August 2017. While in Truro, the choir sang for the daily services at the Cathedral.  These choir residencies are offered to visiting choirs during the summer months, when the Cathedral Choir is on summer break.



And We're Off - August 12-13

DAY 1:
Well, day 1 was actually like 2 days - it was our travel day. We left Philadelphia by chartered bus at 5pm, and had a 90 minute drive to Newark. After a quick and painless check-in, we went our various ways for food and drink as we awaited our flight. Once on board, the plane left on time and we had a 7 hour flight to London’s Heathrow Airport. Baggage claim and customs was surprisingly fast, and our coach from Truro was there to pick us up - as was baritone Brian Chu, who had been in Europe for the two weeks prior to our arrival. We then spent the next 6 hours trekking way down the the South West country, arriving around dinner time. We settled into our cute and comfortable rooms at Truro High School for Girls. Once bags were unpacked and we were given the lay of the land, the group walked down the very steep hill into town for dinner and drinks at various pubs and restaurants. Lights out came shortly after 10pm.

For more impromptu posts and photos, be sure to follow the choir's Facebook Page!


Service Listing for Truro Cathedral

Truro Cathedral Services and Music Schedule

You can view the schedule of music we will be singing for our week in Truro.  The cathedral publishes these service and music listings monthly.


Practice, practice, practice

Practicing Howells in Old Buttonwood Hall in prepration for our trip...


Watch this space!

We'll be posting pictures, videos, music, and musings here while we're at Truro Cathedral.  View your choir in action, rehearsing and singing, seeing historic sites around Cornwall, and sharing in fellowship!

We'll try to post as much as possible, as frequently as possible, so that you can share our experience with us!

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