August 20, 2017


   Old Buttonwood Hall

   9:00 a.m.

Traditional Worship


   11 a.m.  

   Rev. Rebecca Kirkpatrick


There is no Lectionary
Bible Study August 20

UCHC Casserole Blitz

Saturday, August 26th
8:30 am (FPC Kitchen) 


Sunday School Resumes

Sunday, Sept 10


Welcome Luncheon

Sunday, Sept 17




Preserving First for our Future Capital Campaign

In 2011 we embarked on a three-year campaign to raise money for major improvements to the structure of the church.  The Preserving First campaign officially ended on June 30, 2014, but contributions to the campaign will be accepted through the end of the year.  

To make easy and convenient contributions to the Preserving First Capital Campaign, the option to give online is offered! Online contributions will be noted on your quarterly pledge statements.  If you have any questions, please contact the Treasurer's office.

Giving Update

As of June 30, the total amount pledged to the Preserving First for our Future Capital campaign was $1,196,655 and the total amount received was $1,153,347 (96% of amount pledged). The total pledged and the total amount received figures include miscellaneous “unpledged” gifts.  (“Unpledged” gifts are considered pledges paid in full, and are added to the pledge total.) 

In May 2011 we had a campaign goal of $1 million, and we had 139 initial pledge commitments totaling $1,094,572.  Over the past 3 years we received an additional 8 pledges and more than 75 unpledged gifts, which raised our pledge total more than $100 thousand above our initial pledge commitments, and nearly $200 thousand over our initial campaign goal.

The money we raised is critical to preserving our building for the future.  The campaign’s success speaks to the commitment of everyone who contributed, and everyone involved.  But more inspiring than the amount of money we raised is our ability to come together as a congregation to carry out our mission, and our dedication to keep First Church vibrant and moving forward.

About the Campaign 

Vision Statement 

PF Flyer - Campaign Newsletter


Preserving First Media Site