June 24, 2018


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Sunday, June 24

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Sunday, June 24






HOSTS FOR HOSPITALS (HfH) is a nonprofit organization that provides lodging and support at volunteer host-homes for typically $10 per night per patient-family as a caring response to the lodging needs of patients and their loved ones coming to Greater Philadelphia for specialized medical care.

Since July 2000, over 3,000 patient-families have been welcomed into HfH host-homes.

Patient-families need host-homes near Center City and throughout Greater Philadelphia, especially 1) at homes with minimal stairs for patients or family members unable or not allowed to do stairs, and 2) for immune compromised patients who require a private lodging setting such as an in-law suite, the home of a ‘snowbird’ away during the winter or that of anyone else away for extended periods at other times.

For information about becoming a host or helping to spread word of the patient-family lodging need, please contact HfH Outreach Coordinator Cathy Davis at 215-687-1022.